Beverly and Jocko the Poodle

Beverly and Jocko the Poodle

About us and our journey with this wonderful Bichon Frise breed. My name is Beverly Weddington. Even though we never owned a pet as a younger child, when I was approximately 12 years old my mother decided to get my 4 sisters and I a puppy. A “French Poodle” named Jocko. I would never refer to Jocko as a French Poodle and he never thought of himself as one but he was my best friend. This was the beginning of a lifelong love of dogs.

Beverly and Ardynas Star Dust Bichon Frise

Beverly and Ardynas Star Dust Bichon Frise

After transitioning myself and my very young children into our new lives after a divorce, I too decided that a family pet was needed. So during my search, I discovered the Bichon Frise breed. Just what I was looking for in a new family member was “Summer Breeze”-”Bree” for short. A small male Bichon Frise that was part Houdini and part class clown who quickly won all our hearts and became my children’s guest at tea parties and their bed buddy. A couple years later, we purchased a little female named “Bridgett” (Bridgett #1-because we have over the years named 3 girls Bridgett) who was a willing participate for dressing up like a “Bichon Ballerina”.

Before our purchase of “Bree” and “Bridgett”, I found a new job working for the Juvenile Welfare Board and worked with them for 11 years. Occasionally I would have a litter of puppies which would ultimately change my life forever.

Beverly and "Dreamer"

Beverly and “Dreamer”

I found that the “dog world” was so much different in many ways than my work with the Juvenile Welfare Board. After much thought and tears, I decided that it was time to move from my J.W.B. job and pursue my life full time with the Bichon Frise breed. With another scary transition to make, I went full force into this most exciting world that I was soon to be faced with. I was very fortunate to meet some of the top Bichon Frise breeders/groomers/handlers who were so gracious to take me under their wings. Notably Elizabeth Paul and her sister Julie Ostowski with an honorable mention of Maximilliano Gravino who handled my male Bichon Frise “Cassanova” plus many of my other Bichons and allowed me “shoulder to shoulder” lessons on grooming and handling the Bichon Frise.

I just want to thank each and every one of my “families” who have entrusted me to provide them their next best friend and family member. And to my sister Rhonda. Thank you for always being there and willing to ride “shot gun” in the R.V. to all the dogs shows that we attended.

And a very special Thank You to my children – Carin, Ashleigh and Michael for their patience and support in allowing me the opportunity to follow my dream and passion of this wonderful world of Bichon Frise.

Ashleigh, Carin, Mikey, "Ellie Mae" and "Natash

Ashleigh, Carin, Mikey, “Ellie Mae” and “Natasha”

Mikey, Amanda with "Tika" and "Kupo"

Mikey, Amanda with “Tika” and “Kupo”

Ashleigh, Richard, "Lil Bit" and "Small Fry"

Ashleigh, Richard, “Lil Bit” and “Small Fry”

Carin, Shad and "Lenore"

Carin, Shad and “Lenore”

Mikey, Ashleigh and Carin

Mikey, Ashleigh and Carin