Barron’s Dog Bibles Bichon Frise

This is a must read book for all Bichon Frise lovers – whether you are a Bichon novice or expert, this book is well worth the read. Written by Richard G. Beauchamp, Barron’s Dog Bibles Bichon Frise.

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Grooming Your Bichon Frise

The trademark of the Bichon Frise breed is their beautiful white “puffy” coat. Although the coat requires maintenance, grooming can be a special time of bonding between a pet and its owner. This has always been a very relaxing time for me and my Bichon. Some areas of grooming include bathing, brushing/combing, eye/ear care, and nail/teeth care.

Groom your puppy daily starting from the day that you bring puppy home. Bath as frequently as required

September 27th, 2013|Grooming|0 Comments

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Reinforcing Good Behavior

A puppy’s temperament is somewhat predetermined by the genes he inherits from his parents and grandparents. A well-bred Bichon should be happy and content if he is properly cared for, with a playful attitude and a trustful nature. Even the best-tempered puppy can be ruined if care is not taken to handle him properly. We offer these suggestions that may help you to keep a happy puppy or to create a more contented one,

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Bichon Frise History

The Bichon Frise is of Mediterranean ancestry. His oldest ancestor is the Barbet, or Water Spaniel, from which the name Barbichon came, later shortened to Bichon. Also descended from the Barbet are the Caniche, or Poodle, and the Maltese. They have certain similarities because of their common ancestry, but each long ago became a separate breed.

Valuable trade items in the Phillipines, Cuba, Argentina, and Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, the Barbichon group